SMF Control

KVMadm sets up individual SMF instances for each virtual machine. You can now check, start and stop your vms like any other service with svcs and svcadm.

Leveraging SMF brings a host of SMF goodness to the operation of KVMs, like notifications and restarting in case of a failure.

Zone Support

With KVMadm you can leaverage illumos Zones as an extra layer of insulation for your KVM virtual machines. Even if someone manages to break out of the KVM, they are still caught inside the zone.

Running KVM inside a zone, means you can also use all the other resource control facilities available to zones, including the zone i/o priority setting for disk throttling.

JSON Config

KVMadm lets you configure your KVMs with a simple and intuitive JSON structure. For example, to switch your KVM from the global zone to a separate kvm zone, all you have to do is to modify a single property in the configuration. No fiddling with zfs, dladm, svccfg, svcadm, zonecfg, zoneadm.

Due to the JSON config it is also very simple to backup and restore your KVM configuration.


KVMadm makes it easy to access both VNC and the KVM monitoring facility in a secure way. The built-in domain socket to tcp socket proxy provides a simple method to employ ssh port forwarding for remote access.

Monitoring from the global zone works even when running KVMs in zones as the unix domain sockets are created in a cross-mounted directory.

Get Started Now!

KVMadm is free software. Just download it and get started. Follow the instructions in the README.

KVMadm is written in modern object oriented Perl. Development happens out in the open on GitHub.

Need Help?

If you find have a question, head over to the KVMadm section on and tag your question with 'KVMadm'.

If you find a problem with KVMadm, please open an Issue on GitHub.

Anything to Contribute?

And if you have a contribution, please fork us on GitHub, create a branch and send a pull request.

Paid Support and Customization

If you need extra help or customization, please feel free to get in touch directly with use here at OETIKER+PARTNER.